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Spider Monkeys (8-10yrs)

This class is for members who are registered for the term.

Our Curriculum

Parkour DXB delivers a curriculum incorporating the physical techniques and skills of parkour as well as important concepts. The concepts are crucial to youth development and include problem solving and teamwork. We utilize the space and equipment at hand to make sure each class is engaging and educational. The classes are fun, energetic, and constantly creative, and encourage everyone to fulfill their true potential!

Benefits of Training:

Increase in motor skills and coordination

Increase in fitness and functional strength

Increase in agility and balance

Heightened spatial awareness both for the self and for others

Increase in safety through improved physical control from a young age

Increase in social skills, teamwork and leadership abilities

Playful and communal interaction with peers of both children and parents

Improved physical and mental confidence through challenge and managed risk

Great fun for all!